Uncover great talent, quickly

Videolind is a web-based video recruitment & screening tool for HR teams that want to make informed decisions. Videolind will speed up your candidate screening ten times.

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Say goodbye to traditional
1-on-1 screening

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Create a pre-screen interview tailored to the position

Video interviewing is all about sifting out the best candidates. A consistent interview gives more consistent and accurate results.

Traditional 1-on-1 screening is time consuming and inefficient. Would you rather not use that time doing something else?

Meet your candidates,
virtually anywhere

With video interviews, your candidates are more than a CV

Humans have evolved to detect tone of voice, facial expressions and posture. Video interviews allow you to use make use of all your senses.

Our flexible candidate evaluation tool makes it easy to compare and contrast candidates. Quickly move between questions or candidates, or both.

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“Just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David”

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Increase effectiveness where it matters most

Optimising the first, screening stage of the recruitment pipeline decreases workload in later stages and uncovers high-quality candidates.

Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to see at a glance which candidates are worth pursuing.

The devil is always
in the details

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Sophisticated sharing

Whether it’s an Excel report you have to create or your boss wants to see the final selection of candidates, Videolind has you covered.

Our unique sharing functionality allows you to share individual candidates or candidate groups, quickly and securely.

Present your brand

Raise brand-awareness by using your company’s logo at the beginning of each interview. Go even further with personalised greetings or company introduction videos.

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Recruiting on the go?
No worries.

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Modern recruitment

Need to work on the go? Want to quickly check out new candidates? Videolind mobile dashboards are here for you.

Videolind dashboards are designed to help you get work done, in the office or out. All the functionality of Videolind, in your pocket.


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