Merle Raamat
HR Business Partner

SEB case study

How, if at all, did video interviews make the recruitment process easier?

Video interviews simplified our process significantly. First of all, because the interviews are recorded, we were able to go back and re-watch all the candidates' answers who we thought were going to make the cut. We could do thi without spending time on face-to-face meetings, planning, booking rooms and other administrative overhead.

It was easy to "share" the candidates' responses with various executives. We invited 2 of the candidates to the final interview. Re-watching the interviews made it easy to double-check our intuition if we thought a response or some detail was not perfect. This is a luxury you simply don't have in a face-to-face meeting – there is hardly any time to write thing down and often we don't want to do it because it slices the interview up too much.

How much time did you save with Videolind compared to a campaign where video interviews were not used?

About a week's worth of hours, because there were 3 people involved in the screening stage. Interviewing 12 candidates on-site we would've spent roughly 33 hours + preparation time. Add on to that the option to pause reviewing a candidate's response, if something urgent comes up, and resume later on. Traditional interviews simply don't offer that flexibility.

What roles have you used video interviews for?

We have used video interviews for advisory roles (both for the backoffice and our support center), inters for advisory positions, product managers, credit managers, assistants, private loan officers and even for our head of innovation center.

Is the Videolind platform easily understood by different age groups?

Yes it is. We have noticed that people would rather come up with excuses in order to get a face-to-face interview. It is important to us that the people who apply to positions at SEB are flexible, technologically savvy and willing to try new things. We care about people who embrace changing environments and can adapt to changes quickly.

What has the feedback been from candidates?

The feedback has been positive, an enjoyable experience. All candidates were over 30. Our final candidate admitted that their experience was new and peculiar, but still enjoyable.

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