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Use the Power of Social Media To Find Your Dream Candidate

Dale Newstead ·

Use the Power of Social Media To Find Your Dream Candidate

Social media should already be one of the most crucial facets in your hiring process.

With billions of users online at any moment, the percentages suggest that your dream candidate lurks amongst the masses. In fact, it's now a common perception that lacking a social media presence is seen as a knock against those on the job hunt.

Right off the bat, let's dispel any notions that employers are using social media strictly to monitor conduct.

Yes, social media is a great way to see if a candidate could end up being a PR disaster. After all, there is a litany of stories about old Tweets or Facebook posts coming out of the woodwork to haunt employees — and therefore employers.

However, that's not the only reason HR departments are leveraging social media.

In our blog, we'll be discussing some of the best ways recruiters and leadership teams are implementing social media into the hiring process.

Organically Enticing Your Candidates

There are two ways you can look at hiring. Either your candidates are selling themselves to you — or you're selling yourself to candidates.

Treating potential hires as though they are consumers certainly has some merit. Not to say you want to come across desperate. Just, in order to find the best fit for your company, you're going to have to entice highly-qualified individuals. It's fair to assume that most elite candidates will have a multitude of other offers on the table.

To gain the attention of these sought-after professionals, you'll want to layer your approach to when marketing towards candidates.

For starters, you'll need to establish your identity and culture to potential employees. Videos and images specifically are far more effective when it comes to engagement. Specifically, posts with videos generate 59% more engagement on Facebook than posts without.

They don't even have to be recruitment videos. You can have lots of fun, show some artistic flair, or cut straight to the chase — after all, these are unpaid, organic videos — there aren't many restrictions.

On top of channeling your inner Spielberg, posting about exciting new initiatives and brand triumphs on LinkedIn is a great way to present your business in an aspirational light.

Another layer of recruitment is employee social advocacy.

According to the Pew Research Center, the average U.S. internet user has 200 Facebook friends and 61 Twitter followers. A staff of 20 means a potential reach of 5,000.

Look at it like this, if your team is already filled with great employees, the chances are they surround themselves with similarly high-performing people. So, for free, you could be reaching a wealth of relevant eyes if enough of your staff is actively pushing your attractive company culture through their own social media accounts.

Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE platform for hiring candidates, with over 90% of recruiters utilizing its amazing recruitment capabilities. Furthermore, 35.5 million people have been hired by a LinkedIn connection.

Even more impressive? Employees sourced through the site are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months.

To be honest, you're most likely already using the platform.

But are you using it the best way possible?

There are now LinkedIn job features that nullify the need to sift through endless resumes — truly streamlining the process.

As soon as you post a job on LinkedIn, the new "recommended matches" function scours targeted candidates to find ideal fits for your company. You can assess profiles with one easy click and, here's the awesome part, the algorithms will start picking up on your preferences over time so you'll get increasingly better matches.

While that's just one of many features the platform offers, what's most important is that LinkedIn is your source to seek out the most accomplished candidates. There's a reason why 44% of LinkedIn users earn over $75,000/year.

Assess Candidate's Writing Ability

Who needs a writing sample when you have access to a candidate's lengthy social media posts?

Okay, it's a little bit similar to weeding out potential hires based on their behavior, but this methodology comes with extra functional benefits.

Provided you offer a little bit of leeway since these are commonly casual musings, your ideal candidate is likely taking the extra time to type "you" instead of "u" while applying proper punctuation.

No matter the platform, social media profiles are personal branding. If someone is ineloquent on social media, it's not unfair to assume they might not be the best fit for your business. Especially if the position entails lots of written communication.

Assess a Candidate's Personality

It may seem counterintuitive, but you want contrasting personalities in the workplace. Not to the point of volatility. But enough to offer different perspectives.

And what is a social media profile if not a window into someone's personality?

Lurking a candidate's profile to look at the kind of articles they share and opinions they have can go a long way.

For example, if your office is filled with very serious professionals who don't find time for levity, perhaps someone who shares funnier, yet thoughtful, content might be a welcome jolt to the workplace environment.

Assess a Candidate's Authenticity

Sometimes it's good to know if a potential hire is really invested in your company instead of just blowing smoke.

Want a great way to detect this authentic interest? By researching whether or not they're engaging with your business on social media. It could be liking a video, providing a review of your product, or commenting on threads where you've posted a company accomplishment.

This way, you'll know before the interview if the interviewee has done the essential research.


We all know that the power of social media goes far beyond memes and cat videos. It's powerful enough to sway presidential elections and start worldwide movements.

And as a recruiter, it's now an incredibly vital tool that can be strategically leveraged to help you put together a powerhouse team for your company.

Whether it's through attracting or assessing great candidates, social media streamlines the hiring process and helps you find the best candidates, faster.


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