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Ultimate List: The Best Recruiting Tools of 2019

Lana Cindric ·

Ultimate List: The Best Recruiting Tools of 2019

It's never been harder to find talent than it is today. Over 70% of employers are currently experiencing difficulties finding skilled candidates. 75% of recruiters have had experience with candidates who changed their minds about the offers they already agreed to.

So how can employers and recruiters win in 2019? That's the mystery we're going to solve today.

In this blog, we'll cover the best recruiting tools of 2019 — from completely automated recruitment systems to video recruitment websites, there's something for everyone.

Talent is just a click away!

1. CVViZ — Recruiting with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is definitely the most important technological advancement of 2019.

Companies have started using AI tech to power their marketing, finances, and yes — even recruitment. The AI industry itself is predicted to be valued at $60 billion by 2025.

The HR industry is following suit. When AI is introduced to the regular recruitment process, it presents an easier way to automate and offload work.

Additionally, AI is more accurate. There's no margin for human error. It can't be biased, either.

It's a great way to move forward with more efficient recruiting, which is why CVViZ is a breath of fresh air.

CVViZ is an AI recruiting software that significantly improves the quality of hires.

Its most notable features are:

  • Matching right candidates with the right jobs
  • Automating candidate sourcing
  • Simplified hiring process control
  • Streamlining administrative tasks
  • Recruitment analytics

CVViZ can also be integrated with different applicant tracking systems so there's no need for recruiters and companies to change their workflow.

Candidates can also be manually added from websites such as Indeed and Monster with the help of a browser extension.

CVViZ rating: 5/5 on Capterra

2. Videolind — One-Way Video Interview Platform

On average, the hiring process takes 23 days. That's a lot of time to fill a position that can cost companies as much as $213,000 for replacing an executive.

So what is the main cause behind the arduous length of the process that reduces candidate satisfaction and the company's revenue?

Too much time spent interviewing candidates.

This recruitment problem is something that can be solved with Videolind, a one-way video interview platform.

Videolind helps companies and recruiters hire better with their video recruitment website.

Just some of the features that make Videolind one of the best recruitment tools in 2019 are:

  • Pre-screen, one-way video interviews
  • Modern mobile recruitment
  • Quick setup that enables almost passive recruiting
  • Customisation: recruiters can add their company's branding materials, and set up questions tailored to the positions they're hiring for

Recruiters no longer have to screen and talk to candidates one-on-one.

All they need to do is set up video interview questions and share the link with candidates.

On average, video screening allows recruiters to screen 10 candidates in the time they would take to screen only one candidate through traditional methods.

Videolind also allows companies with high recruiting needs to hire efficiently, regardless of the volume of employees they need to hire at any given point.

Veriff, an online identity verification company headquartered in Estonia, has been using Videolind since 2018. They've conducted 133 video interviews per role, and a total of 1198 video interviews.

However, despite their high criteria, Videolind has helped them recruit better while still moving at the speed of light.

Videolind is trusted by: Adobe, Veriff and SEB

3. Owiwi — Gamified Candidate Assessment Tool

Gamification is incredibly effective at engaging employees. And there's nothing quite like it to provide candidates with a good experience.

Since 78% of candidates believe their candidate experience is a good indicator of how much a company values its people, it has never been more important.

After optimizing the candidate experience, companies and recruiters start thinking about retention.

When the high costs of turnover are considered, the fact that 70% of organizations' transformation efforts fail due to lack of employee engagement is staggering.

The solution? Engaging candidates from the very first step.

Owiwi engages candidates and assesses their personalities at the same time.

Owiwi is nothing more than an online psychometric test. However, what makes a difference is its subtle assessment of candidates' personalities through games.

Potential hires will:

  • Walk through a game
  • Assume identity of the game's main persona
  • Make crucial decisions based on conflicts

The choices candidates make are then used to create psychologically-validated inferences.

Each choice adapts the storyline to the player's style, which makes Owiwi's game a comprehensive assessment.

Finally, recruiters receive a report about the following skills of each candidate:

  • Resilience
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Decision-making

It's a great alternative to traditional personality assessments that recruiters and hiring managers frequently use to determine the culture fit of potential candidates.

And since the process is engaging, using a recruiting tool like Owiwi can also contribute to an extremely positive candidate experience.

Owiwi rating: 4.9/5 on Facebook

4. Mya — Conversational Recruiting Chatbot

Recruiters and hiring managers can't be in ten places at the same time, which is proving to be quite a challenge for hiring better in 2019.

This is why the HR industry is constantly on the lookout for recruitment tools that can help recruiters reach more candidates without sacrificing their time.

And since AI has slowly found a way to improve every aspect of contemporary work, it's only natural that it should follow us into recruiting.


With chatbots, which help recruiters respond to candidates promptly and screen them without having to put in any work.

Mya is automating communication with candidates and helping recruiters hire better with the help of a chatbot.

Some of the features that are going to help companies recruit better with Mya in 2019 are:

  • Dynamic conversational experiences
  • End-to-end life cycle support
  • Automated candidate sourcing and reactivation
  • Automated screening and shortlisting
  • Automated onboarding
  • Automated scheduling

Mya, the conversational AI recruiter, has already improved hiring results of the companies which use the chatbot to communicate with candidates.

It increased candidate response rates to 40-60%, recruiters experienced 2x increase in productivity, and time-to-interview rates have been reduced by 79%.

Mya can talk to candidates.

For example, it can ask them if they have the right experience. After they respond, it'll even automatically score their answers to understand if the candidate fits the criteria.

It's the human touch without the time it takes for a recruiter to actually put it there.

Mya is trusted by: L'Oreal, Adecco, and Pepsico.

5. Wonderkind — Recruitment Advertising

In 2019, employer branding can make or break a company's chance of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent.

After all, 50% of candidates say they wouldn't work for a company with a bad reputation.

And when we consider the fact that 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent, it's clear that the way companies advertise to potential candidates matters.

But how can companies recruit through advertising and make sure they reach all the right candidates?

With Wonderkind, companies can reach and win over both active and passive job seekers.

Wonderkind's AI-powered targeted job advertising allows companies to reach the right candidates, no matter which sites they visit.

And since candidates, much like customers, progress through marketing funnels, Wonderkind's algorithm chooses the right ads and locations to target and retarget them, depending on their characteristics and behavior.

This shifts the paradigm from the typical post and pray candidate sourcing mentality.

Wonderkind is equally successful at engaging passive and active job seekers, as it analyzes the demographic and targets based on behavior.

This recruiting tool uses a variety of platforms (social media, Google, etc.) to help a company find the perfect fit.

Wonderkind is trusted by: KFC, Suez, and DSV.

6. Crystal — Understanding Candidates' Personalities

Culture fit is everything today.

Even the most qualified candidates may not be great employees if they can't adapt to the way things work in particular teams.

This is why more and more companies and recruiters are looking at qualifications first, with personalities being a close second.

And while plenty can be gauged about candidates from interviews, over 75% of leading companies still use psychometric testing.

However, more and more candidates are worrying about their privacy where psychometric testing is considered.

While there are some advanced methods, candidates have no guarantee of what the company will do with their information later on.

Finally, psychometric testing is a huge disadvantage for companies looking to recruit efficiently. Personality is such an important factor and yet, it can't normally be gauged in the pre-screen phase.

Unless you use Crystal.

Crystal is the app that tells companies anyone's personality, and it's one of the most powerful recruiting tools in 2019.

So how does it work?

It's actually very simple: Crystal uses a personality AI software to gauge an applicant's personality.

All a recruiter has to do is install a Chrome extension and enter a candidate's LinkedIn profile or ATS data.

They can also invite the candidate to fill out a personality test with Crystal. This can be a great addition to the pre-interview phase of the recruitment process.

Using millions of data points, Crystal will analyze what the candidate is really like and what employers can expect from them if hired.

Recruiters also get personalized, situation-specific advice on how to communicate with each candidate.

And as of June 2019, Crystal's predictions are 80% accurate.

Crystal rating: 5/5 on Capterra

  • While Crystal can be used for recruitment, it's most commonly used for sales. It can analyze anyone's personality, as long as LinkedIn profile or CRM data is provided.

7. Ideal — Talent Intelligence

When companies and recruiters automate everything they can, they are able to focus on the things that actually need their insight. Most commonly, it's making the hiring decision.

And with AI and automation recruiting tools, that's finally becoming a reality.

However, when companies and recruiters choose tools to help them recruit better, they have to be aware of their needs.

Some need certain tools to complement their current hiring processes. Others need a complete replacement for their systems. Especially if they're taking up too much time.

And some tools even make the ultimate recruitment dream come true: hiring without posting a single job listing.


With a complete-cycle AI recruitment solution.

Ideal's AI-powered recruiting tool handles the entire hiring process; from screening to rediscovery.

This complete-cycle tool handles the following aspects:

  • Intelligent screening (real-time candidate shortlisting)
  • Intelligent chatbots (to replace phone screening and other time-consuming traditional methods)
  • Intelligent automation
  • Intelligent rediscovery

Perhaps the most surprising feature is intelligent rediscovery.

Companies and recruiters have hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants in their applicant tracking systems.

However, they haven't had a reliable way of reactivating these people and matching them to open roles.

Ideal's AI-powered recruiting tool, on the other hand, scours a company's existing applicant database. It finds the perfect matches in the applicant pool whenever there's a need to hire someone.

This approach is also incredibly efficient at breaking down HR data silos.

When all data is aggregated in one simple tool, companies and recruiters can finally optimize their hiring processes and make data-based decisions.

Ideal is trusted by: Netflix, Lush, and Hot Topic


Recruitment in 2019 is a brave new world.

However, with a little help from powerful tools like the ones we've listed in this post, you'll be able to make the best decisions for your company.

After that, it's only a matter of signing the contract with the right person.


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